Headache Relief

Headaches can interfere with your ability to enjoy your life or just live normally. While there are treatments on the market to help, these don't treat the underlying cause. Therefore, the issue will continue, and you'll continuously need that medication to cope. With chiropractic care, you receive treatment for the cause of the problem, which can in return, manage your symptoms. At Jacobsen Chiropractic, serving Beverly Hills, CA, and the surrounding region, Dr. Daniel Jacobsen provides all-natural treatments that target the root of your headaches. 

General Information About Headaches

Although the cause of headaches are varied, your brain tissue has nothing to do with the pain, nor does your skull. They don't have nerves that can experience pain. However, there are blood vessels in your neck and head that can experience pain. 

Sometimes, a nutrient deficiency will contribute to the pain. 

The underlying cause of your headaches can range greatly, but when they're caused by neck and other musculoskeletal tension in the area, we can address the issue. 

Treating Headaches With Chiropractic Care 

You don't have to take medication to address your headaches when chiropractic care can naturally target the issue. One treatment we may recommend is spinal manipulation. During this treatment, our Beverly Hills, CA, chiropractor moves the vertebrae in your back slightly. By realigning the spine, it relieves pressure on the soft tissue and nerves in the neck and shoulders. As a result, it can ease pain in your head. Chiropractic adjustments also help the blood to flow throughout the area more optimally. The blood contains nutrients, which can help combat a deficiency that's contributing to your headaches. 

Another treatment we may recommend is massage therapy. With this treatment, our chiropractor targets the soft tissue in your neck and shoulders. By relieving tension in this area, you may lessen your headaches. Massage therapy also promotes circulation, which can reduce nutrient deficiencies. 

While it's not exactly chiropractic care, acupuncture is another alternative treatment we offer for headaches. Essentially, we place the needles at specific areas in your body, which can promote blood flow throughout the body to ease headache pain. 

At Jacobsen Chiropractic, serving Beverly Hills, CA, and the general vicinity, our practitioner, Dr. Jacobsen, offers various treatments that can help you with your headache pain. And you receive a customized treatment approach to target the root of the problem based on an assessment of your musculoskeletal system. 

Book an appointment today to discover the difference chiropractic care can make in your headache and migraine pain. Call us at 310-657-0366.

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