Bulging Disc Treatments

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What Is a Bulged Disc?

Aging impacts different bodies in different ways, and some of its effects are not obvious. For instance, the discs found along your spine may experience the effects of aging, but you may not realize that until it’s too late. By the time you realize that your spinal discs are in poor condition, you may already be dealing with a bulged disc.

A bulging disc is almost always caused by gradual degeneration. As a spinal disc ages, it slowly dries out. When the spinal disc has dried out enough, its outermost layer may shift from its normal position. The outermost layer made of cartilage may jut into a different part of your body and cause problems.

The dehydrated disc doesn’t have to slip completely out of position to produce symptoms. You may experience symptoms if even a portion of the disc has shifted.

So, what symptoms will your bulging disc produce? Pain is the most common symptom of a bulging disc. The pain may radiate from different parts of your body. It depends on where the bulging disc is located.

Because a bulging disc is a degenerative condition, you also shouldn’t expect your pain to remain static. The pain caused by your bulging disc will only worsen the longer you wait to get treatment.

Reduced mobility is another symptom frequently associated with a bulging disc. You may have difficulty walking not long after sustaining this injury. Restoring your motion will require working with a chiropractor.

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What Chiropractic Treatment Can Be Used on a Bulged Disc?

When treating a bulging disc, chiropractors focus first on minimizing inflammation. The inflammation caused by the bulging disc contributes to your pain and may impact your mobility. Thankfully, chiropractors can utilize different tools for that purpose. Therapeutic ultrasound and microcurrent therapy are some of the treatment methods that effectively reduce inflammation.

Once your inflammation has gone down, your chiropractor can put you on an exercise program. Exercising is key for treating a bulging disc because strengthening your back prevents your other spinal discs from being overburdened and developing their own problems.

Staying on that exercise regimen is essential. Moving forward, you can also perform the exercises at home so your back remains in good condition. Your chiropractor may also tweak your routine to ensure you get the most out of it.

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